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How to Enroll:


Please call (917)-903-6640 or e-mail us at dogdaytrips@yahoo.com, at which point we will set up a meeting with you and your dog to go over the final paper work and assess your dog’s specific needs. As long as your pet is current on all vaccinations and neutered or spayed he or she is ready to get started.


How old your dog needs to be:


Young dogs should not be over exercised in order to prevent stress or damage to growing bones, joints, and muscles.  If your dog is over six months of age he or she is welcome to spend a day in the country.  

Older dogs will be paired with dogs with equal hiking abilities.  The day’s activities will be less exerting.  If the weather is right, swimming is a great alternative exercise for dogs with joint problems.    




Your dog will be picked up and driven to the days hike in a Honda CRV.  We will be happy to make accomodations so that your dog travels in the manner he or she is used to.  If your dog is used to traveling in a crate please let us know in advance and have the crate available on the day of travel.  If you wish to have your dog seat belted during travel please provide us with the seatbelt and we will be happy to see that it is used. 

The days hike will generally, from pick up to drop off, last about 6-8 hours.  Arrangements can be made to pickup or drop off your pet at your dog day care center, pet sitters, or groomers.


What you need to send with your dog:


All your dog needs is a well fitting harness and leash.  With permission from you and after two hikes with Doggie Day Trips your dog will be allowed off leash hiking as long as it is permitted at the day’s location.  If you wish to provide a daytime snack or meal we will be glad to offer it to your friend.  We will provide spring water and bowls.


What we recommend:


We also recommend that you follow your veterinarian’s recommendations regarding heartworm prevention and flea and tick control.  Lyme disease is endemic to New Jersey and New York State.  We will be happy to go over the different forms of defense that are available through your veterinarian and help apply the treatment if necessary.



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