Doggie Day Trips was born from a love of dogs and nature.  From a young age, John spent much of his time exploring the woods and mountains with his faithful canine friends.  Together, they discovered hiking trails and mountain top swimming holes and enjoyed everything that nature had to offer.  Through the years, John realized the benefits that his upbringing had on both himself and his dogs - he came to understand that not all dogs have the luxury of the woods in their backyard, miles of trail to sprint up and down, crystal clear lakes to swim in and drink from. 

After years working at his father's veterinary practice in northern New Jersey and eventually in veterinary practices in New York City, John founded Doggie Day Trips so that he could offer New York City dogs the wonderful opportunity to explore nature that they might not otherwise have.  The company was born from John's strong personal belief that every dog deserves the chance to run through the woods, to have fun, to be well exercised and - most importantly - to do it all safely. John's extensive veterinary technician experience and upbringing make him ideally suited to supervise and care for our canine friends. 

Having spent five years hiking with New York City dogs, John continues to find joy in seeing dogs socialize and explore nature (some for the first time), and has expanded Doggie Day Trips to also include boarding.  He posts photos and videos from the hikes in real-time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; even if you don't have an NYC dog to send out on a Doggie Day Trip, we guarantee you'll enjoy the photos! 


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